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MightySignal’s API puts the power of deep data and mobile app trends at your fingertips. Our simplified UI and broad range of sophisticated app tracking capabilities make it easier than ever to implement your sales and marketing strategies using live intel - not guesswork.

You want ALL the data. And you want it now. And since MightySignal has now joined forces with AppMonsta to bring you Custom Mobile Data Feeds, there's nothing standing in your way! 

Are you looking for App Ranking stats? App Publisher Data? SDK intelligence? We've got you covered. You choose the feed type and set your desired date range, and we'll capture that data snapshot for you to programmatically slice and dice your way. Import the data directly into your business intelligence tools, ETL platform, CRM, or any internal system you desire. Subscribe to multiple Data Feeds to compare and contrast various data sets from Google Play Store and Apple's App store. Or just build your own custom data feed package from the start. 

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The Most Accurate Android App Download Data

At MightySignal, we know you love data, and we're always working to bring you more of the good stuff. And now, thanks to our new partnership with AppMonsta, we're able to provide the most accurate, real-time numbers on Android App Downloads. Enter your email to get a free sample report.

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App Market Research Made Easy

The total number of Android App Downloads is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that can give you rich competitive insight. Our data snapshot can be imported programatically into your preferred interface. 

Use this data as a qualifying metric for sales leads; to help you estimate baseline app publisher revenues; or to feed your analysis on consumer trends with deeper, more accurate user figures than ever before. 
You can also use the Download metric to: 

 - Identify potential investment opportunities

- Compare competing apps in a specific niche

- Discover early app niche/category trends

There are many app data providers out there, but often, their download numbers are based models that simply comb a limited section of the mobile marketplace, then extrapolate those numbers into estimates which may or may not reflect reality.

Thanks to our proprietary direct source, our numbers are real, not modeled - and we scan the entire Play Store, not just a percentage of the market. That means we're able to bring you extremely accurate download data, even on smaller publishers and market newcomers.

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