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MightySignal’s API puts the power of deep data and mobile app trends at your fingertips. Our simplified UI and broad range of sophisticated app tracking capabilities make it easier than ever to implement your sales and marketing strategies using live intel - not guesswork.

You want ALL the data. And you want it now. And since MightySignal has now joined forces with AppMonsta to bring you Custom Mobile Data Feeds, there's nothing standing in your way! 

Are you looking for App Ranking stats? App Publisher Data? SDK intelligence? We've got you covered. You choose the feed type and set your desired date range, and we'll capture that data snapshot for you to programmatically slice and dice your way. Import the data directly into your business intelligence tools, ETL platform, CRM, or any internal system you desire. Subscribe to multiple Data Feeds to compare and contrast various data sets from Google Play Store and Apple's App store. Or just build your own custom data feed package from the start. 

Contact us to discuss which Data Feeds may be right for you. 

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Mobile SDK & App Data Feeds for iOS and Android

Access MightySignal's data feeds to get a custom snapshot of the entire app markets delivered programmatically. You choose the schema and the delivery schedule. Import directly into your business intelligence tools, CRMs, or any internal tooling. With plans starting at $499, get the accurate data you need.

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Mobile App and SDK data

App Details Feed 

One of our most popular feeds, the App Details Feed provides a  monthly snapshot of over 14 Million apps from the Google Play or Apple App stores.  Query global parameters or drill down to get specific app details like:

  • App ID
  • Publisher information
  • Price & version
  • Category
  • Downloads
  • Ratings
  • Description
  • In-app Purchase
  • And More...

App Ranking Feed

Get a snapshot of general or aggregated rankings by date and by country. The call returns ranking records with all the available meta-data from the store's ranking list page. 

You can also query ranked app IDs per country and per genre/category. The aggregate ranking is ideal if you're only interested in app rank positions. Rankings for genres (categories) and list types are also available and can be mapped to human-readable names. 

App Reviews Feed

App review can offer a wealth of insight into an app's user base and health. The App Reviews Feed provides a monthly data dump of the entirety of either Google Play or Apple App store's app reviews. 

This dataset allows you to quickly and easily parse through and find the data you are looking for. Sort by Rating, title, app ID, or even search for specific keywords in the review text. You're only limited by your imagination with these valuable data points.

Publisher Data Feed

With almost 2.5 million publishers in our database, the Publisher Data Feed provides you necessary information to find app developers. 

Our monthly pull of either Google Play or Apple App store's list of app publishers' public info, including name, store ID, publisher URL, physical address, and email, if given. Feed your CRM and sales teams with highly actionable data today.

Custom Feed

When you need more than just one or two data feeds, or if you want to gather swaths of data from both Google Play AND Apple's App Store in multiple categories - a custom data feed is the way to go. 

Contact one of our representatives today to discuss your particular vision and data needs. We'll help put together a comprehensive solution that works for you. 

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